Beach Bod!

I went to the beach in a bikini and nothing bad happened! My belly was exposed, my butt cheeks were out, and I had nothing but a fabulous time!

Society had taught me that my body was one of those that should be hidden under a one piece. That there was no way in hell a two piece swim suit would ever be “flattering” for my body type. But I conquered the beach in my bikini and looked damn good doing it! A big thank you to all of the plus size beauties that have slayed the beach this year so far, your pictures have inspired me to be care free and comfortable this summer!

I did it, now it’s your turn! You got this, be yourself and have a fabulous doing it!

Bikini top: 4x Torrid of course, who doesn’t have this bikini top :/
Bottoms: 4x Walmart! lol

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  • Rita Best

    You look amazing as always! ❤️

    • Lacey

      Thank-you Darling! <3

  • Crystal Lynn Bennett

    Your insanely beautiful…
    Thanks for sharing this part of you with us.
    Your such an inspiration. Xoxo

    • Lacey

      You are very welcome my dear! Thank-you for the support <3!