The Summer of Short Shorts

Some may be a little baffled by the “Summer of Short Shorts” concept. “It’s summer! Shorts and summer go together! Who doesn’t wear shorts during the summer?”. Well this girl right here can’t even remember the last summer she wore shorts. It was a mix of feeling over exposed, and fear of the dreaded “chub rub” that lead me to abandon shorts and opt for jeans or leggings during the hot, hot summers. But enough is enough. I’m tired of sweating it out during the summer and I have received just the right dose of self confidence and self worth. It’s time to let these fat thighs shine!

My cellulite will be in the spotlight, and these thick thighs will be jiggling all summer long! I will not be hiding myself under layers and sweating because you are uncomfortable with my beautiful fat showing. And I will finally be the comfortable one this summer!

Tips for chub rub: Try an anti chafing gel or the stick version (even face primer works). Wear a pair of nylons under your shorts to catch the breeze and prevent rubbing or even try moisturizing your inner thighs with a water based lubricant to keep them gliding all day long!

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